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Game that all strategy fans have been waiting for!

Online turn based strategy game
Warnet play tour

* 2-6 player battles
* Deep strategy, tactics and planning
* Single player campaigns
* Lots of different units and buildings
* Create your own maps
* No downloads, play anywhere!

Watch trailer

Watch how Warnet is played


Missions pack!

We just released a new mission pack, at the moment it contains 3 extremely hard missions... Really, I am not joking here

So give them a try and see, if you can beat them!

We will start to add more missions there, so don't forget to check!



We will change Warnet into a subscription based game very soon!

I was not happy to do this, but server costs kept rising and it is a bit too much to pay just for fun...

But before you get all crazy about it , a few goodies:
* Everyone will get free months. (And even if these months expire, you can still play all your games!)
* If someone makes a PRO game, he can invite anyone to play (even free players).
* If we get revenue, we can make improvements!
* Prices will be low - not looking for huge profits, rather to get some revenue to continue improving the game. (At the moment it is "late nights and angry wife" )

And one in a lifetime opportunity - if you want to get a life time access, a unique badge for your profile and a good feeling - donate now at least 25 eur / 33USD. The badge will say you are an early supporter, so everyone will know who happily helped Warnet to grow! (Everyone who has already donated will get life time access and the badge!)