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Last action: 78 months 25 days ago

Rank 975
Country gb
Games won 11
Games lost 14
Draws 3

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November 12, 2010


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CaptainJack 1082 Last action 80 months 16 days ago
kilk 1247 Last action 52 months 22 days ago
tony11930 939 Last action 38 months 8 days ago
samduket 986 Last action 107 months 2 days ago
statch 940 Last action 104 months 10 days ago
Fledermaus 979 Last action 78 months 22 days ago
starfed 1006 Last action 106 months 27 days ago


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LOTR by Colormartinez V0.2
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LOTR Good Vs Evil
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Curviston castle taken
Curviston castle taken
Palenville fort taken
Palenville fort taken
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First steps taken badge