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These quick reading hints will help you to understand the game better!
  • Did you know that knights and horse archers can move, attack and then move again. By using this strategy you can move in, attack and fall back to safety.

  • Taking over castles is very hard. Use catapults and trebuchets to weaken the enemy unit in the castle.

  • Forests and mountains give defensive bonuses

  • Use battle bonuses to take out a strong unit. To get a huge bonus, first attack from one side and then from opposite side.

  • Spearman is very good against knights

  • With galleys always try to attack first to get a strike bonus.

  • Mountains, forests, swamps etc reduce movement for most of the units.

  • Centurion in a castle is almost indestructable.

  • Battleship can attack twice during a single turn, but be aware, they need protection from galleys.

  • Never attack a capturing unit if you can't kill it..

  • Use archers to protect your units. Try to keep your units always under your own archers fire range. If opponent strikes, you can reply with devastating aerial fire.

  • Crossbowman deals most damage among archers, but their range is not the greatest. Longbow men have the longest range.

  • Money is the most important resource! Try to capture as many villages and castles as you can.

  • If you attack an enemy, be sure to make more damage than you receive. If you use two villagers to take out a swordsman while losing both, it is worth it. If you do the same to kill another villager, it is not worth the sacrifice. You lose twice the money as your opponent.

  • Know how units block each other. Using blocking can sometimes bring a victory!

  • During the same turn, always attack first with ranged units and then with melee units. Ranged attacks give bonus to next melee attackers.

  • Knights receive a huge bonus when they initialize attack, so try to use them for offense

  • Keep an eye on what your enemy builds. If he builds a knight, build spearman. If he builds ranged unit, try to build ranged unit with longer range or a fast unit like villager, spearman or knight.

  • Use horse archers to give the first blow to an enemy army and then, attack with melee units.

  • Siege weaponry and archers are weak - protect them from enemy attacks.