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How to start playing?

Join with an existing game

To join with an existing games click "Open games". You should see a list with games that are waiting for players. If there aren't any games you might consider starting one.

Now click on one of the games that looks good for you and you are directed to the game setup window. Now click "JOIN" and also set your status to "Ready" by clicking to "I'm ready". After that wait for more players and for the game owner to start the game. You may close the window while you are waitingm, you will not be disconnected. Enjoy!

Start a new game

To start a new game press "Open games" and "Start new game". Now you will be asked the following:
* Name - Just give some name to your game
* Turn time - How much time people have to finish their turn. If they get over time everyone can kick or pass that player.
* Ranked - If points are awarded from that game.
* Infinite resources - Games with infinite resources tend to last longer.
* Map - Choose a map that you want to play on.

If that's done click "Create" and wait for players to join. If all the players have joined and set their status to "Ready", you can start the game by pressing "Start game" button.

Notice that you do not have to keep the window open. You will be notified by email when your game is ready to start.