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Overview of the game

Warnet is a turn based strategy game which can be played on internet with other real players and using only a web browser. In each game two to six players can fight each other for their survival and the last player standing is the winner. Game involves deep strategy, tactics and planning.

Warnet is a strategy game similar to chess, but has more variety. For example, more different units, each with their own advantages and disadvantages against other types of units. Additionally, the matches can be played on different maps where conditions are different and some units prove to be more useful, while some may be useless. This calls for a good knowledge about each unit's specific properties. Furthermore, players can train new units to help to achieve victory.

The game-play is divided into turns. During one turn single player can make his actions like move, repair or train units; attack other players; and capture buildings. After that the turn ends and the next player can start making moves. It is intended, that not everyone has to be online at the same time, rather it can be played like the letter-chess: if player turn starts, an email is sent to him notifing about it. On the other hand, if everyone are online at the same time, it can be played like an online game, during which everyone can see each-other actions live. As games on bigger maps might take a while to finish, it is a very good feature.

Strategies and tactics

To win a Warnet match one has to observe very carefully what an opponent does to counteract his actions and try to force his own strategy. As each game may be totally different from previous one, there are still some commonly used strategies. All through the main idea is always that player has to do more damage to opponents, than receive.

Strategies also differ from games with two or more players. For two player games both participants are usually equal, meaning that no one has a clear advantage over the other, involving terrain, units or resources. If there are more players, one has to conquer everyone, but two oppnents have twice the resources player has. Here tactics come into play, player must not look strong, but have to be. Looking as a threat will get attention, looking weak will not and through that player might have less problems in realizing one's plans.

Tactically it is good to be very careful about every move, even about what is written into chat. Every player should have only one enemy. In other words, player should not look like a threat to more than one player. In addition, it is a good to point out weaknesses in other's armies that someone could take advantage of. The more player's enemies attack each others', the stronger one will be.


At the beginning of each Warnet match player has to choose on which map it will be played on. There are many maps to choose from, but sometimes it is not enough, so players can also create their own maps.

Creating maps is not as easy as it sounds. The most important problem is the balance. The map must not give starting bonus to one of the players, or the map is not fair. But it is very hard to balance a map where one player can make his actions first. This means that if something is in equal distance to everyone, starting player would still get there first, because of the turns order. Solution is usually that second player gets somekind of a bonus, third player even bigger bonus and so on. To find out which bonuses are enough, author has to play the map several times.

For a map to be interesting it should contain a lot of action, for example fights for buildings that quite many could capture, or wierd layout, for example everyone scattered randomly on the map. No one should have strong defense points and clear battle lines. Very strong battle lines will create a boring situation when no one wants to attack, as attacking would mean losing.