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Winter is Coming

Script for map Winter is Coming

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In the north of Westeros a civil war is raging. The Boltons and Freys are fighting the Starks and the knights of the Vale to retrieve the North. In the east the Ironman are still raiding the coasts of the Starks. In the meanwhile the Others are gathering their strength to the north of the Wall. This game is best played as a team game: ABCCDD or AABBAA (AABBCC is also possible)
  <trigger name="startMessage" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="4">
    <condition type="turnStarted"/>
    <action type="showDialogue" playerOrder="0">
      <row icon="char6" name="Introduction">In the north of Westeros a civel war is raging. Shall the Starks preveal to retrieve the North or is winter coming</row>