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Avatar 100 year war

Script for map Avatar 100 year war

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Monolithe56 thanks for the incredible map of the avatar :) This is a team game: - Team A: red and white - Team B: blue and yellow
  <trigger name="startGame" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="1">
    <condition type="startGame"/>
    <action type="setTeam" playerOrder="1" team="1"/>
    <action type="setTeam" playerOrder="2" team="2"/>
    <action type="setTeam" playerOrder="3" team="2"/>
    <action type="setTeam" playerOrder="4" team="1"/>
  <trigger name="startMessage" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="4">
    <condition type="turnStarted"/>
    <action type="showDialogue" playerOrder="0">
      <row icon="char6" name="Introduction">This is a team game. The fire nation has conquered the temples of the air nomads and has some colonies settled at the earth kingdom. They fight against the water tribes and the earth kingdom who are united to restore balance to the world :p.</row>