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Capture the Fort

Script for map Capture the Fort

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Each player must defend their fort! Any unit that moves onto an enemy fort captures it. Normal Rules & Units, Start with 12K gold & Make your own Army
    <action type="customizeRuleset" elementId="2">
      <update property="building.buildsUnits" unitId="2" value="1"/>
      <update property="building.buildsUnits" elementId="5" unitId="2" value="1"/>
  <trigger name="startNewGame" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="1">
    <condition type="startGame"/>
    <action type="addResource" playerOrder="1" metaResourceId="1" amount="11950"/>
    <action type="addResource" playerOrder="2" metaResourceId="1" amount="11950"/>
  <trigger name="bkingKilled" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="1">
    <condition type="unitOnArea" playerOrder="1" metaUnitIds="">
      <location x="16" y="6"/>
    <action type="triggerLoss" playerOrder="2"/>
  <trigger name="rkingKilled" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="1">
    <condition type="unitOnArea" playerOrder="2" metaUnitIds="">
      <location x="16" y="22"/>
    <action type="triggerLoss" playerOrder="1"/>
  <trigger name="startMessage" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="2">
    <condition type="turnStarted"/>
    <action type="showDialogue" playerOrder="0">
      <row icon="char7" name="Capture the Fort!">Kill all the enemy or Capture his fort by moving any friendly unit onto it. Keep the enemy off your fort or you will lose the game.   The Forts are marked with a Torchman on it.</row>