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Powerful nation (New Map)

Script for map Powerful nation (New Map)

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Here Here the map is very large ! Blues are technologically most avanced and settled well in their zones before destroying the ridiculous neighbors Red could build so much unit that no one could resist to him
    <action type="copyMetaUnit" basedOn="6" id="10000" name="The King."/>
    <action type="customizeRuleset" elementId="10000">
      <update property="unit.clipName" value="MedievalKing"/>
      <update property="unit.price" resourceId="1" value="2000"/>
      <update property="" value="20"/>
      <update property="unit.repairs" value="4"/>
      <update property="unit.primaryMovementPoints" value="4"/>
      <update property="unit.repairsOnBuildings" buildingId="3" value="6"/>
      <update property="unit.repairsOnBuildings" buildingId="5" value="8"/>
      <update property="unit.visionPoints" value="4"/>