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2019-04-16 11:19

Another tradition claims that there were two Master Chang San-Feng Taoist priests. One was born in the Sung dynasty (960-1279), lived on Wutang Mountain Black Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey , and combined the thirteen postures with other Taoist practices and arts to create a style of internal martial arts. The second Master Chang San-Feng (1279-136, was a native of I-Chou in LiaoTung Province. His scholarly name was Chuan Yee and Chun Shee. He lived on Wutang Mountain, was a highly regarded Taoist adept with many amazing magical powers, and was very popular with the local people.

The early legends about Chang San-Feng are linked with activities of Emperor Chengzu(1403-1424) who searched for Chang and other political refugees. By 1459, Chang had been declared an Immortal and, as with most saints, stories of his miraculous powers became part of the folklore in the Wudang Mountain area. There is a fairly long tradition amongst Wundang Mountain martial artists and Taoists that attributes the development of soft style martial arts to Chang San-Feng and his disciples.

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