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Waterproofing of roof panelsSome minor problems

Forums / General discussion / Waterproofing of roof panelsSome minor problems


2019-02-12 01:26

Waterproofing of roof panels

Some minor problems with the wholesale Galvanized Steel Roofing Sheet are in our solution and handling. Today we have listed two more detailed issues - the waterproofing of the roof through the roof and the sealing of the double-sided roof.
Waterproof treatment of the rod wearing the roof
1. According to the different positions of the rods wearing the roof, according to the drainage conditions, different cutting methods are adopted respectively. The museum has two types of slitting and crosscutting.
2. The treatment method is mainly to add water retaining ring and waterproof with multi-channel polyurethane waterproof coating.
3. A single water-passing rod member is provided with a water retaining ring separately; a rod member that passes through the plate is arranged, and a series of water retaining rings are arranged along the longitudinal slit.

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