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Newbie Questions on Game Mechanics

Forums / Strategies / Newbie Questions on Game Mechanics


2015-04-11 18:46

Some fundamental aspects of game mechanics are not documented.

For instance, is the aerial attack bonus pertaining to subsequent attacks cumulative from turn-to-turn? If so, how do you break the cumulative effect? By moving? By repairing the unit?

Ditto for the siege weapons. is their softening bonus cumulative from turn-to-turn?

The catapult can move and attack, but the trebuchet cannot.

The ZOC rules are undocumented and hard to decipher. For instance, it appears (after many lost battles), that infantry exert no ZOC against ships, but archers do if they are within attack range. Rams don't appear to exert ZOC at all, but I need more data on this.

Take a look at the documentation for the longboat. What is the longboat damage bonus against another longboat? Is it +3, or is it +6?

The combat simulator on the Tools menu is beautifully featured, but it consistently gives overly optimistic attacking results. Has anyone developed an offset to compensate for the inaccuracy of this otherwise well designed tool?

Warnet has high potential as a game platform. Providing documented answers to the questions above would would make it easier for new players to learn the game and it would make the transition from newbie to intermediate less painful than it currently is. This would inevitably increase the popularity of this platform.


2015-04-16 20:08

Perhaps most players consider this kind of uncertainty about the rules part of the Fog of War?

But i can empathize with the desire to have accessible, accurate answers -- i'm that way myself.

However, remember: War is hell! :-)

Whenever i start thinking about this stuff, i get distracted by the amply proportioned beauties over -->

i'm so easily distracted! :-(


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