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Keep being ganged up on

Forums / Strategies / Keep being ganged up on


2014-02-15 03:49

Does anyone else have this problem with creating a map for multiplayer?
I've even tried giving myself less resources, and still it ends up being everyone against me before I even attack anyone.

Any thoughts or ideas?


2014-02-15 11:29

Create fixed teams before starting the game; 3v3 or 2v2v2. This will solve your problem


2014-02-15 22:01

Don't play against fredo/fucklepen/guevara, since it is one man with 3 accounts.
This why you will get attacked by everyone only if you grow too strong and does not unite with anyone else before that


2014-02-17 02:23

Thanks for the ideas. Teams makes sense.
Definitely learned not to play with ole fucklepen anymore.


2014-10-24 18:31

Invite me-we shall then be Allies from the beginning!


2015-10-20 05:21

But there's another issue. The secret messaging system in multiplayer games encourages--no, guarantees--that secret alliances will be cooked up and used to gang up on the unwary. Like many aspects of this game, this feature is completely undocumented, so many newbies--including yours truly--are caught completely unaware. It's one of the few aspects of this platform that really stinks to high heaven.

Reform is clearly called for. The secret messaging should be done away with, and replaced with messaging that's visible to all. There's nothing wrong with alliances. But they should be negotiated in plain view, so that the competition for sides is completely open.

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