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The second "Impossible" Mission

Forums / Strategies / The second "Impossible" Mission


2013-10-20 08:17

OK so it obviously isn't impossible as people have the badge. Also I managed the first "impossible" mission.

However I can't figure it out. You go south and you get slaughtered my spearmen. You go north and by the time you wipe out the spearmen there the ones from the south start showing up as well as the yellow guys before you get a chance to heal up.
I've tried going west but the yellow go for the block, you got spearmen running after you and they can keep up. I managed to sneak my leader though once but then he had yellow and spears to the north and tech guys to the south.

Yeah so it is doable but I just don't see how. You can't run away as the spear dudes catch up and there are both too many of them and they are too good vs horse to fight them off.



2013-10-20 15:06

Move very quickly. Try to out run them.


2013-10-21 08:24

Moving quickly doesn't seem to work.

You have to at the very least try to block the yellows and doing so leaves you so weak you can't fight through the tech guys and the spearmen who hang with them. I've tried seriously fighting the yellows and I tried running past them leaving 2 horsemen behind to keep them off my leader. Same result I get my leader to the tech guys and he dies. Sometimes I get just past the desert but thats it.

You can't run past the tech guy and their spear allies because they are between you and your objective and you can't get past the yellows with enough force to fight past.

I'll try one more thing but to be honest I don't know how the badge was ever won unless someone just played it over and over until the random number generator fluked and that seems like an utter waste of my limited time on this rock.

I wish I wasn't such an achevement whore, I would have gave up ages ago.
I've tried it one more time. Skirted the desert, left a screaning force for the yellows to keep them off my guy. 2 cav and 3 horse archers and still could't fight through the whites. Got further than ever before but noticed even more whites than before. It would be possible to fight through them I suppose if you had the time and space to do it but when in a rush and with whats left of your people, I don't see how.

I think I am done with it.


2013-10-21 18:33

hehehe I have the same problem


2013-10-21 19:50

Did it.

I Kobayashi Marued it.

Send your western most hosemen as fast as you can down past the desert. You will lose one but the other will get to the end zone. It isn't the pince but it still seems to count for the win. Just make sure your pince survives the beating. I did try to move him to the end zone also but I suppose one could turtle up.


2013-10-23 02:07

So you need only have one of your horsemen reach the end spot to win the game. In that case it winning it should be fairly simple. The opening text plainly states that the prince has to reach the end and it even paints a picture of the prince piece in the ending hex. Sigh.


2013-10-24 00:12

Thus the kobayashi maru reference. James T Kirk beat the unwinnable scenerio by cheating.


2014-01-07 01:36

Here's how I beat it:

I sent a horse archer south and shot one of the spearmen across the river, then brought him back north. Sent a horse archer north and camped out in the forest. Didn't use second move. Brought everyone else west. All horse archers made a protective bubble from the north and east.

Got lucky, and received no damage in the first round. Fired off some more volleys and kept pushing west.

Next, the long north-south bridge in the center of the map; threw a knight on the first hex of it and brought the prince just north of him. Sent 2 knights on their usual suicide mission through the desert. Used land features to form a bubble around the prince. All archers are dead at this point I think. Knights are still close to full health, even after taking out a few yellows.

Technology presses against the scouts, but only a couple this far west as of yet. Send the closest one to objective, gets within one hex. Other one sacrifices self by making a wall between techguys and his buddy. He will be remembered.

Northern knights are taking heavy damage. Heal them and pull the prince into the woods on the little peninsula. Using slightly different methods, it has always come down to this: have the prince survive ONE TURN. In this case, he did survive, and I move my only remaining knight one hex to win the mission.


2014-01-11 18:09

I did it:
skip the blue's spears, go hardly against yellow until your prince pass throw desert (u can easy destroy first wave or yellow and stop the second sacrifing 2 heavy cav, then an other charge on the bastard tecnology guys (all us thougt they was ally ) and stop them, STOP THEM! the prince MUST survive, he have not to fight.

... and finally win

and then be happy in the third impossible mission.


2014-01-18 02:29

Well done.


2016-01-09 01:18

thanks a lot KRYTIKAL !!

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