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2013-09-14 03:32

need a map at least 14x14

player 1 castle at 1x1; must be defended from the oger moving there

oger starts at 14x14 (he will auto gen); place a Player 2 building at 14x14

oger needs multiple units to take him down, but he moves slow.

is there any way to change the sound of a units attack? Like my ogre unit, to use fire sound, instead of melee?

Also how do I make him attack more then once? I tried num of attacks but it didnt seem to work.

<action type="copyMetaUnit" basedOn="6" id="10000" name="oger"/>
<action type="customizeRuleset" elementId="10000">
<update property="unit.clipName" value="MedievalOgre"/>
<update property="" value="99"/>
<update property="unit.repairs" value="10"/>
<update property="unit.defense" value="14"/>
<update property="unit.primaryMovementPoints" value="2"/>
<update property="" value="MedievalFire"/>
<update property="unit.weapon.bulletClipName" value="MedievalFire"/>
<update property="unit.weapon.type" value="ranged"/>
<update property="unit.weapon.noOfAttacks" value="2"/>
<update property="unit.weapon.minRange" value="1"/>
<update property="unit.weapon.maxRange" value="1"/>
<update property="unit.weapon.attackingBonus" value="7"/>
<trigger name="startNewGame" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="1">
<condition type="startGame"/>
<action type="setAi" playerOrder="2" ai="BasicAI"/>
<action type="setPlayerData" playerOrder="1" name="Victor" icon="char3"/>
<action type="setPlayerData" playerOrder="2" name="Enemy" icon="char7"/>
<action type="createUnit" metaUnitId="10000" x="9" y="9" name="oger" heroName="The Oger" playerOrder="2" health="99" vicinity="1"/>
<action type="updateVision" playerOrder="1" range="1" updateVisibleTerrains="1" updateVisibleLocations="0" reveal="1">
<location x="1" y="1"/>
<action type="showDialogue" playerOrder="1">
<row icon="char7" name="News">PrEpArE To DiE!</row>
<action type="updateVision" playerOrder="1" range="1" updateVisibleTerrains="1" updateVisibleLocations="0" reveal="1">
<location x="14" y="14"/>
<trigger name="ogerAttack" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="99">
<action type="moveUnitCloserTo" unitName="oger" x="1" y="1"/>
<trigger name="ogerKilled" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="1">
<condition type="unitKilled" unitName="oger"/>
<action type="triggerWin" playerOrder="1"/>
<trigger name="ogerWin" noOfTimesAllowedToInvoke="1">
<condition type="unitOnArea" playerOrder="0" metaUnitIds="10000">
<location x="1" y="1"/>
<action type="triggerLoss" playerOrder="1"/>

finn leason

2016-10-10 00:07

Awesome work!

There should be a whole lot of fantasy units: Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Wizards, and giants.

Each with there own special abilities.

finn leason

2016-10-10 03:05

Ah-ha, you're ahead of me here, you've already done many of these things.

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