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Base type 4.5 inches grinding wheel

Forums / Ideas / Base type 4.5 inches grinding wheel


2018-12-06 10:52

The base type 4.5 inches grinding wheel means that the outer ring of the grinding wheel is an abrasive working layer, and the central part is a high-strength and high-rigidity metal material, which is also called an outer ring-shaped cutting wheel. Generally thicker and more rigid, it is mostly used for grooving and cutting of medium and large depth of cut. The binder mainly includes two major categories of metal and resin.
●Metal base type 4.5 inches grinding wheel
The metal bonding agent has strong abrasive holding ability, high wear resistance, good shape retention of the grinding wheel and long service life.
●Resin base type 4.5 inches grinding wheel
The resin bond grinding wheel has good self-sharpness and sharp cutting, and the bonding agent is elastic and can improve the surface quality of the processing.


2018-12-06 12:58

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