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2016-07-21 06:33

<p>Popular with wood floor care and how? Belong timber flooring, maintenance and cleaning method is different from the brick, wood floor maintenance that needs to pay attention to what the problem? Xiao Bian give you some attention sorting things Come check it out!</p>

<p>First, the waterproof: air conditioning dehumidification function buttoned, solid wood floors inside the home after care and how to install wood flooring, home dehumidifiers need to pay attention. Experts believe that, do not specifically take a long time, while watching TV after just go back to work, while the open air dehumidifier function day to open two or three hours is enough. Back to the south in the past after the dehumidifier would not, as long as the home is often open the door, window ventilation on the line. Second, wood floor cleaning be careful not used wet mop wood floor care and how to take care when in fact, wood floors, moisture is in need of special attention. </p>

<p>When clean, not used wet mop wood floors, all wood floors can not stand, it is often best to wipe with a dry cloth. As well as in the bathroom, the kitchen where there is water, water to cross the border, not leakage occurs, otherwise leak into the wood floor below, over time will be bagging, deformation and expansion. Third, reduce direct sunlight for a long time. Wood floor care how good floor paint long people live, should cover with plastic or newspaper, over time the film will be sticky and dull, but avoid hot water basin, hot cooking pots and other objects placed directly on the floor surface on the application of wood or straw cushion, so as not to scorch the film. After laying floor paint to minimize direct sunlight, so as not to paint too much exposure to ultraviolet light, dry and aging in advance. Place furniture or other applications on a soft rubber floor paving material, floor paint to prevent scoring.</p>

<p> Fourth, home is best to use cloth slippers, wooden flooring how care when walking on solid wood floor, should try to wear cloth slippers, preferably barefoot. The furniture &quot;feet&quot; are labeled soft bottom protective pad to avoid furniture, &quot;feet&quot; scratch wood flooring wear layer, do not let heavy objects smashed wear layer. You can not use sandpaper, sanders, steel brush, powerful cleanser or metal tools to clean wood flooring. If the cat in the house, to find solutions to the destruction of catlike. Fifth, keep indoor wet and dry moderate, solid wood flooring solid wood flooring how maintenance should stay in the pavement after two weeks, for a long time often do not live or living room, and pots should be placed in water or use a humidifier to keep in the room humidity; rainy season should be enhanced ventilation. Do not keep the interior wet or too dry.</p>

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2016-07-21 07:38

Moderator: Leaders, distinguished guests, listened to three guest speakers, so that we get a lot of inspiration. Changzhou, China and even the floor flooring industry will have rapid development and create a better tomorrow flooring industry, as long as the home of mankind,deck built with dog ear wood many manufacturers are 0.6 to 2 mm of peeling or slicing veneer multilayer parquet table plate, due to lower this floor price , accepted by consumers, so thin table board parquet will be the future direction of development.


2016-07-21 08:17

As ecological wood products continues to increase, how to find in thousands of products and quality best? Some learn to identify methods of ecological quality wood products, can help us to easily buy eco-wood products.
1, ecological wood product security signs. Board should have the security password, etc. action, relatively high trust point.
2, eco-wood products Edge. Many furniture factory machine Edge, if unsightly knot, there is flattening phenomenon, the ecological problem with the board itself. Although the Malacca is relatively soft, but does not appear the phenomenon of collapsing edge. When choosing furniture, note that edge is smooth.
3, if the wood substrate excellent ecological products should pay attention to. Because proven excellent substrate made of eco-board is easily deformed.
4, ecological wood processing products have no taste. If there is no pungent taste, fake ecological board. Because his material is made of Malacca, already with flavor. But the taste is species comes with its own description and is harmless. Some ecological intermediate plate filled with paulownia, eucalyptus, etc. material, a distinction.
Seven Trust is a professional production of large-scale ecological wood ecological wood decorative materials manufacturers, with a sound ecological wood material for many years experience in the development, design, production, sales, project management and after-sales service. Major production and marketing of products includes: "Source billion card" ecological wood board the Great Wall series, ecological wooden sound-absorbing panels, eco-wood outdoor flooring, eco-wood ceiling series, ecological wooden wood series, ecological wood coated transfer series Various types of products. Widely used in villas, residential, office, work area, with superior noise insulation, sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof, flame retardant, environmental protection (zero formaldehyde content) and other special features. So that products meet the modern aesthetic decoration at the same time, so that a more modern home space. And major cities in China completed the project implementation influential.

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2016-07-21 09:03

<p>insects susceptible to mildew disadvantages.Since the wood materials in line with China "building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society", "sustainable development" industrial policy, appeared to have been developing rapidly.laminated sandwich wood fence core resulting in waste due to complex composition difficult to guarantee quality. In addition, the current relationship between the choice of materials for wood processing and the final product is also a lack of performance between System.Processing Equipment Because of limited material properties of metal, precision machining, equipment manufacturing costs and market prices, etc.,</p>


2016-07-21 09:29

P environmental protection shall tread ground floor everyone is focused on office design, office needs renovation so realistic, cheap boat deck covering material LG wallpaper with its excellent environmental philosophy, the Finnish MI certification.
LG environmentally friendly flooring decoration materials particularly suitable for the whole renovation project: First, do not dismantle, PVC floor coverings can be directly on the existing floor (tile, etc.), do not replace the old door directly to film the scene; windows and window cover Available direct coating, the construction speed, the whole process no pollution, no dust, no noise. Second, due to the materials, environmental protection, the construction is completed to the date of stay.
Environmental protection floor full renovation show, for the majority of users in the decoration and material selection can truly feel the future results, reducing the selection mistakes, too EverFocus effort to build inter LG commercial flooring repair materials showrooms and different styles of model, so that customers in a relaxing experience rationally choose.


2016-07-21 10:25

Indoor dry easily lead to cracking of the build a flower box about composite floor, electric heater or avoid the drying in the sun exposure. Also, do not use corrosive liquids such as gasoline and soapy water to clean, so as not to damage the glossy surface of the floor.


2016-07-21 11:46

The so-called "Corporate pipe project" is in legal entities as the main responsibility of the project, the full exercise of legal persons for the project's management rights, implementation concentrated preparation, centralized management of funds, equipment and materials centralized purchasing, concentration of resources allocation, project unit by the legal representative of the delegation the exercise of the right project management.

Its biggest advantage is that the shift decision-making power, the project into executive level project management, to maximize corporate level talent, technology, equipment, financial, material and other resources to improve the ability of intensive management of the project security , quality, schedule, cost control of all aspects of the more rigorous.

After practice summary, Chongqing and Guizhou, and Ningxi into expensive projects such as the new 15th Bureau Group won the bid for a total investment of 3.1 billion project of Hang yellow lock for the implementation of the "two must, two are not allowed," the main battlefield.

15 Bureau Group Corporation chairman and party secretary Wu Xian Gong, general manager Zhang Xisheng have been to the site office, he proposed the "Hang Huang new model" fully optimized from policy support, economic relations, management and other aspects.

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2016-07-21 11:54

<p>Despite its apparent simplicity, the layout of an attractive and efficient parking lot requires a skilled . Grads Financially SavvyRelated Articles& Videos Parking Lot Layout Tools Car Parking Design Standards More Like This How to Lay Out . RBG Striping Your Pavement Marking Specialists. your parking lot for a clean, professional appearance. Call The Restriping Specialists! Striping Layout & Design Pavement . Playground Games Meet ADA Requirements Planning, Layout & Design Don't leave your parking lot layout to chance, maximize your available .preserve or improve the flow of traffic on your parking lot, by way of restriping or new layout per customer blueprints or our design. the most stalls possible in a functional parking lot is the main goal of a layout . The straight end design ° allows for the most stalls . Time Striping offers complete layout and parking lot striping, using the . Whether your lot striping needs are for a new layout & design , or .parking layout design parking lot design tool java parking lot design car parking layout design pdf parking tiles design parking lot design .parking lot design parking lot striping parking lot striping company parking lot striping layout parking lot striping machines parking lot .honda petrol concrete road cutting machine 13hp concrete cutter</p>


2016-07-21 11:55

<p>the current domestic wood processing equipment, there are still some problems, such as processing
Yield is generally not high, the service life of the screw is not long, the displacement is not enough and so on.Wood molding equipment by the first single-screw extruder has evolved into the second generation of conical twin-screw extruder,decking supplies australia Minimal Maintenance formulation and processing conditions for aesthetic and anti-aging products is critical. Since the wood material is not adsorbed common mineral-based pigments, so it all depends on the color Itself is good or bad and the resin wetted wood fibers dispersed in the matrix polymer is good or bad.</p>


2016-07-21 12:14

<p> Construction technology on pavement pouring glue mainly include slotted, clear joints, pouring. Of course, three simple looks simple, but the details of which aspects need attention. mainly include:
Clean seam. </P>
<P> First, with clear saw clear sew seams of sand, mud coagulation, greater than 0.5mpa use compressed air, the elimination of seams dust and other contaminants to ensure clean and dry joints and internal wall, wall joints checks to wipe dust is not pouring criteria. </P>
<P> Taping. Both sides of the seam taped to prevent pollution pouring glue overflow pavement. Ingredients from full-time staff according to technical requirements and the ratio of ingredients, mix well. Pouring can not be filled once, 2-3 times. </ P>
<P> Zhaobu on the site have not filled Zhaobu personnel Zhaobu. Clean up the site, and other coagulation after pouring glue for the excess overflow To clear the road to keep clean. </ P>
<P> Construction period negotiated by the two sides A and B requires staffing and adjust the speed of construction. Construction quality construction standards in strict accordance with the Ministry of Transportation road construction. </ P>

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2016-07-21 12:31

Stone in the process of renovation is often used in a decorative material in recent years, with the improvement of people's aesthetic sense, people for the pursuit of beauty is also increasing. Stone is a somewhat special decoration materials, for its cleaning and maintenance also has a relatively high demand.
Stone can not be free on wax; wax-containing acid material, free wax can clog pores on the stone to breathe, but also the formation of dust and dirt stained wax scale, causing the phenomenon of yellow stone surface. Not indiscriminate use of non-neutral detergent; for the sake of a quick cleaning effect, general cleaning agents contain pH, so if prolonged use unknown ingredients cleaners, will make the stone surface gloss lost, and because of non-neutral agent the residue is the main cause of stone disease in the future. Not long-term coverage carpet, debris; to maintain smooth breathing stone, the stone surface should be avoided in the long-term coverage carpet and debris, otherwise the stone under the moisture can not evaporate through the pores of the stone. To keep it clean thoroughly clean; when the use of either an electrostatic precipitator and mop thoroughly good dusting and cleaning work.
To immediately clear pollution; all have natural stone pores, sources of pollution can easily penetrate into the stone house along the pores, the formation of unwanted stains, so be sure to choose good quality stone dedicated the repellant facilities for the stone to prevent stone pollution sources. To often dry and ventilated; stone afraid of too much humidity. Stone will produce water vapor hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation effect, resulting in water spots, bleaching, weathering, erosion, yellow rust and other diseases, destroy the stone. Therefore, installation of stone out to be often kept dry and ventilated. Regularly applied for protective treatment; to protect the stone long life, denial of water and pollution penetration, are regularly applied for protective treatment.
   One should do the maintenance and repair of stone work from the above aspects in everyday life, so as to ensure the long life of the stone, to maximize its decorative effect.
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2016-07-21 13:57

Since the decision-making power on the move, "Corporate pipe project" Project Department also put forward higher requirements: the scene of the ever-changing, to ensure that the "legal pipe project" and not out of the construction site, the daily work of the Department of the project planned to be richer , front and predictability.

According to the China Railway 15th Bureau of the company Hang Huang eight standard Second Division project manager Lan Xu Zhen, in accordance with pre-planning, where Qiao River tunnel exit only planning a construction road.

And they found that in the implementation process, due to external reasons, if only to build a sidewalk, transporting the material will be affected. To ensure the smooth progress of construction, Second Division plan ahead, proposed construction roads adjusted to two. After reporting company, soon to be approved, the tunnel exit also be smooth construction on schedule.

In order to improve construction quality, reduce duplication of investment, intensive management system to promote the project, Hang yellow eight standard project department clearly stated that "two must, allowed two" management philosophy, that is, the concrete mix must be unified, unified distribution.

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2016-07-22 06:36

How to Install a Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop - DIY Com,Install a modern stainless steel countertop to a kitchen island with these simple steps from DIY Network's Kitchen Impossible on DIYNetwork.Galvalume Steel Coils


2016-07-22 08:55

Pallets in basic can be divided into static pad with, stacking shelves and use, the load-bearing requirements in ascending order. Tray load capacity is reflected in the static and dynamic load carrying shelf and three Bearer same pallet index in this three times Lennon diminishing. The pallet according to its own structure in use can be divided into single-sided or double-sided use, two-way or four-way into the fork into the fork. For non-manual forklifts (electric, oil, gas, etc.), all trays are applicable. The manual hydraulic pallet lift trucks and pallet moving vehicle can not be used in conjunction with the two-sided tray. In addition to the truck outer tray also we need to consider in the design of the cargo, such as product type, subsidence, weight per unit volume, stacking and so; but also to adapt to the conditions of the shelf, such as shelf type, load-bearing shelves, conveying direction, placing orientation, placement and layout.
1, can be surrounded by plastic tray into the fork, easy to operate; Serving Trays India


2016-07-22 10:15

<p>2016 is the global economy, "winter." Premier Li Keqiang economic situation in 2016 when it comes to say that the difficulties we face as a whole may be more bigger this year, the situation is more serious, we must be prepared to fight tough, because whether it is international or, domestic Ye Hao, 2016 in the overall situation complicated even than in 2015, the UAV industry is no exception."<a href="""">DJI Phantom 4 Drone RC QuadCopter 4K HD Camera Obstacle Avoid+ 2 Extra Batteries</a>"</p>

<p>But even so, in the past six months, the UAV industry is still forge ahead. Products, consumer drones new emerging market battle intensified; professional fields, both fixed-wing and VTOL UAV wing mixing characteristics were born, the air "bastard" to take off soon. Capital, a number of UAV hardware and software developers and service providers to complete the financing, but for the pursuit of mercantile capital is not heavy surgery phenomenon is occurring; Taobao, Jingdong, kickstarter and indiegogo UAV platform crowdfunding record amount a new high, but the delivery delays and other issues with the description does not match the product allows users to be disappointed again; more and more enterprises UAV landing three new board, a new pattern of reproduction of the capital market."<a href="""">DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO GPS QUADCOPTER DRONE PHANTOM4 4K HD CAMERA + 3 BATTERY COMBO</a>"</p>

<p>Personnel training, because of its ease of use unmanned aerial vehicles, operability, extensive use as the audience favorite, this collection of electronics, communications, aerodynamics, mechanical principles, MCU development, programming algorithms and other disciplines to a high-tech product, is the speed at which change our lives, but also attracted more and more people to join them. Currently UAVs Graduates Employment prospects are bright, open plan UAV professional Universities in China has been gradually implemented in the year.LED Lights,Car Accessories</p>


2016-07-23 11:42

<p>That aerial drone robot, its functionality into the application classification, one direct and express transport applied pesticide spray drying, the second is equipped with professional equipment to expand Scenario + UAV, such as aerial photography, electrical inspection, security, etc. . From parts research and development, manufacturing to aftermarket sales to the whole assembly to further expand into the user process using the service (social, financial leasing, insurance, etc.), applications (data acquisition, aerial photography, plant protection, etc.), the UAV industry chain from traditional development to a market size of 75 billion yuan. </p>

<p>According to iResearch report shows that the UAV 2016, is expected to 2025, the domestic small civilian UAV market reached 75 billion yuan, of which aerial market, agriculture, forestry, plant protection, security will occupy the bulk of the market, accounting amounted to 30 billion, 20 billion 150 million is in addition to the competition is not fierce 5 billion market size electrical inspection. Following Dajiang Innovation in the field of aerial photography and other consumer ahead of the trend, it seems increasingly fierce competition drones fire already burning agricultural plant protection, agriculture became the oldest race chase UAV field 2.0 times. </p>

<p>According to incomplete statistics, as of December 2015, China's agricultural population reached 2324 drone, drone production of agricultural enterprises more than 200, and is growing at 20-30 percent per year rate of rapid growth, no plant protection service from last year, it began to grow. This article inventory of the four areas of agricultural crop protection UAV, respectively Transtech new farmers, pole fly, immortal aircraft, Eagle Brothers. LED Lights,Car Accessories Yitamotor</p>


2016-07-24 14:25

Wood floor during use, must pay attention to keep the floor dry and clean. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of the floor of 8% to 13%. However, if the laying and improper use can also cause floor quality problems, such as the laying did not do deal with moisture; wet with water or alkaline, soapy water, doing so would undermine the brightness of paint; the bathroom floor and the room is not ready isolation; summer, pull the curtains did not pay attention, so that the window after burning wood floor cracking discoloration of sun exposure; or the open air temperature is too low, so that day and night temperature changes too much, causing the expansion or contraction of the floor too severe and cause deformation cracking.

In addition, moisture resistant wood floor is the most important technical indicators. Good moisture resistant flooring in geothermal prolonged "Zhengkao", if there is moisture ingress, wood edge must be warped, causing damage to the floor. The high quality flooring is a high-density substrate, its excellent moisture resistance, thickness swelling is far less than the national standard. In addition, special wear-resistant layer, a decorative paper, balance layer, the substrate can be a good "closed" to ensure better overall floor moisture resistance.

Meanwhile, the noon indoor air humidity at the highest value, should not open the window, the best choice in the afternoon, evening, or when the climate is relatively dry, indoor air-conditioning window.

the article come from:largest wpc manufacturers in Singapore


2016-07-25 04:44

Quaint and beautiful wood floors because of color, foot feeling soft and comfortable, health, environmental protection and other advantages have been well received by consumers. According to a recent consumer narrative in a store to buy wood flooring solid wood floor coverings, after less than a month, there has been uneven, and the emergence of tile-like color is not normal phenomenon. According to the manufacturers site observation, measurement, after visual analysis, manufacturers believe that because the ground is damp walls and wooden floors caused by moisture expansion caused by the above wood floor deformation, let's understand the undergrowth floor deformation causes and treatment methods.

first, wooden floor deformation reasons

1. The wet conditions did not do deal with moisture;

2. The floor did not dry cement reinforced keel;

3. keel, gross floor too wet, use water-based glue;

4. The moisture in the air;

5. blisters (such as burst pipes, water infiltration balcony, etc.);

6. The stone floor meets the floor is not treated as closed.

Wood construction products is important, improper installation can cause wood floors bagging deformation, such as laying too tight, telescopic crevice not leave enough drying not just deal with the problem, the moisture content is too low, health, and other shallow groove back. In addition, many manufacturers use dry place, poor quality sheet through additive color patch First board to deceive consumers this is also worthy of our attention to the consumer.

Second, to solve the wooden floor deformation
First, consumers should avoid moisture problems, pay attention to window ventilation to keep dry indoor environment. Wooden flooring is a natural product material, the process of using a little gap, discoloration, lightweight deformation problems are normally difficult to avoid, but before the installation of wooden flooring must pay attention to whether the target moisture content of the ground test, a prerequisite to ensure quality of the project, to be late protection in order to more effectively protect the wood floor.

the article come from:price diy safety composite floor per square foot


2016-07-25 04:58

Laminate flooring is used in wood-derived materials, including wear layer, decorative layer, substrate layer and moisture barrier four, both beautiful, a plurality of load-bearing function, moisture, abrasion and the like. <a href="">Good Energy Soundproof Wall Panels Wholesale</a> And painting, polishing and other convenient, popular with consumers. And strengthen the floor because there is no use of natural wood, protecting forests, embodies the concept of sustainable development can be, truly environmentally friendly. Moreover, good quality laminate flooring also nice, but laminate flooring foot feeling is not good compared to the other two, somewhat more rigid.
From the tone with that light-colored furniture can be any combination of shades and colors of the floor, <a href="">Outdoor Anticorrosive WPC Flower Box Made To Order</a> it is recommended with warm floor is warm and clean; but dark furniture and dark floors mix will have to be careful to avoid "black Susu" repression feel.
The main material is bamboo flooring bamboo flooring materials, inner core of lumber and other wood floor. Exterior wood natural beauty, fresh and generous, and because the inside of the timber reinforcement, so excellent stability. Bamboo flooring foot feeling good, but it is still characterized by a large cool, especially livable.
Composite wood flooring is a popular flooring in recent years, it broke the physical structure of logs, wood overcomes the weaknesses of poor stability. In addition, there is laminate flooring wear layer can adapt to harsh environments, such as living room, hallway, etc. was often walk around the place.
What are the advantages of wood floors?
Advantages of wood flooring: natural wood gives a natural texture, comfortable and beautiful, there are so-called "grade" advantage. <a href="">The Development Direction Of Wood-Plastics Material And Performance</a> If the wood shop room floor, not only comfortable, but also can greatly reduce the floor impact sound ,, make room cozy and quiet. Wood floor more "gentle" If there are elderly, children fall, not easy to slip wooden plate cause too much damage, but if it is, then tiles will fall more serious.
Adjust the humidity. Wood features solid wood flooring is dry climate, the internal water timber release; climate is humid, the wood will absorb moisture in the air. Wood floors by absorbing and releasing moisture, <a href="">Durable Synthetic Teak Deck</a> the room air humidity is adjusted to the body of the most comfortable level. Scientific research shows that long-term residents huts, the average life expectancy of 10 years may be extended
Wood is natural, its rings, textures are often able to make a beautiful picture, giving a natural feeling, regardless of color or texture are unique, loved by the people. Wood is the most typical green products, does not have sources of pollution, and some aromatic tincture timber, can send a healthy, aroma and soothing, safe, good decorative effect.
It means that good wood floor bedroom, wood flooring What are the advantages? These two issues we are not already know it! I hope this small series of answers can give you help.


2016-07-25 07:01

Salt: salt in our daily lives is the most common spices, seasonings we know it has bactericidal effect, but it also often think of decontamination trick. If you are not careful to glue on the husker vinyl fence shipping pricing floor is not entirely not away from water, as long as you can guarantee a certain humidity. It can also be added to the water from the point with detergent, strong stain removal. The detergent formulation is relatively simple, as long as the mix into soft soap, fuller's earth, soda in a large pot each 450 g and 2270 ml of water, boil them and boil to half its original volume and then cooled can use .


2016-07-25 07:21

<P> Usually have a lot of plastic for different purposes, and today we take a look at what the road sealant used for? First, the choice of convenient road sealant fast and very fast setting time, the sealant will not get to them, it can be said is a very safe and environmentally friendly equipment. In half an hour after waking on the road can be opened after pouring the traffic, to the time the sealant should be formed integrally with the asphalt concrete surface layer, it will not be taken away by a moving vehicle. </P>
<P> The preferred road maintenance road sealant, glue this not only cold and high temperature durability, long service life, maintenance of the road there is definitely a beneficial rather than harmful. Through in-depth research on road sealant, we believe we have certainly understood this commodity. </P>
<P> Road sealant is very important to use the road, good road sealant can have a good road. So how the road sealant sample it? Here is for you on the next road sealant sampling methods. </P>
<P> Pavement Crack Treatment Technology sets: pouring asphalt, solvent modified asphalt crack filling material, road sealant sampling methods, high-quality emulsified asphalt pavement cracks on asphalt, two-component polyurethane pouring materials, high osmotic concentration change asphalt processing and asphalt pavement crack net aging asphalt slurry seal, fog seal for Pavement microfracture treatment technology. Use of this technology will significantly improve the quality of preventive maintenance of asphalt concrete pavement, improve road conditions, to extend the service life of the road. </P>

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2016-07-25 07:31

Many consumers prefer wooden flooring for your bedroom, especially fond of laying laminate flooring, because this floor is not only cheap but also durable wear.indoor interlocking walls supplier "formaldehyde-free" floor "of some brand sales staff say that these products meet the floor limited release formaldehyde E0 class standards.


2016-07-25 08:02

Outdoor wooden floor, by definition is used in outdoor flooring, outdoor wood flooring and therefore must be able to withstand outdoor changeable weather, and a strong temperature changes, in general, the general must have outdoor wood floor
Following the most basic conditions:

1, strong stability: Common wood moisture is relatively large, outdoor rain and snow after brushing, will easily deformed, not a permanent solution;

2, Corrosion-resistant: Outdoor abundant rainfall, easy to breed fungus and termites, wood corrosion faster;

3, compression and strong: a lot of people walking outdoors, you need floor compression and strong.

General common wood flooring, such as solid wood flooring, wood flooring, laminate flooring is not suitable for the outdoors. Currently used as outdoor wood flooring wood floor has floor, floor outdoor wood preservative, carbonized wood outdoor flooring and so on.

Outdoor wooden structures from years of outdoor exposure, ultraviolet light, moisture, temperature changes by the action, the wood is degraded, aging, decline in the mechanical properties of wood, wood shed color appearance, black hair graying, affect the appearance, this process irreversible. And other wood aging can not have more serious after further processing, usually six months to a year to maintain the best results. After maintaining wooden structures waterproof, breathable, anti-cracking wood; wood itself increase the corrosion, mold, anti-ultraviolet function, maintained for many years without fading; high transparency, good to show the natural texture of wood; wood structure after construction is easy to wipe clean.
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2016-07-25 08:28

When selected plastic tray, according to the requirements of different projects, selected specifications will be different.
(1) First, consider the specifications and placed on a plastic tray manner of goods.Color Glass Coffee Mug Kitchen Ware


2016-07-25 09:05

Cork flooring is not actually processed into wood floor, but in the bark of cork oak trees as raw material, crushing, pressing at the plate, and then through the floor into the processing machinery and equipment. So how do you choose the right cork flooring it?
This sheet shape is similar to the soft planks, so people mistakenly referred to as "softwood" has been continued to the present, so it has also called cork flooring the floor. Its characteristics are light, soft, foot feeling good.
1, cork flooring choices to look at the floor sanding surface is smooth, with or without bulging particles, whether pure cork granules.
2, to see whether the straight side cork flooring, the method is: take the same floor 4, the spread on the glass, or relatively flat ground, assembled to see whether commissure.
3, bending strength test board, the method is the two diagonal floor collapsed, to see whether the curved surface cracks, no was quality.
4, bonding strength test. The samples were placed in small open blisters, found its smooth surface into a toad skin, like sanding, uneven surface, this product is defective, quality product in case of no significant changes in surface water.

the article come from:Wood Plastic Composite Indian


2016-07-25 09:23

Many families prefer to use part of the ground decoration wooden floor, cheap outdoor floor ideas you should try to avoid moisture intrusion wooden floors. When daily mopping should pay attention to wring the mop, if the floor due to damp long mildew should be timely and gentle nature of bleach mixed with the dilution ratio 1:3 wipe, and then get a clean rag, can effectively remove mildew maintenance of the floor.


2016-07-25 09:42

<p>high strength, high hardness, low-cost wood new polymer material. And enables selection of wood raw material to the wider expansion direction,plastic wood flooring for hallways environmentally friendly materials.development trend With WPC industrial products, the researchers found that the application of defective wood composite products, </p>


2016-07-25 11:23

The total length of over 46 kilometers of the railway project, according to the traditional project management model, typically by the length of the project will be divided into a plurality of segments, the segments are independently responsible include Qiangai, concrete, precast box girder, bridge erection and all construction of part of the production tasks.

But Hang Huang eight standard but innovative implementation of the "separation process, contract labor costs" and construction production "specialized, intensive, industrial" management mode, implement project management practices standardization, modularity, intensive.

Characteristics of the project, a total of Hang Huang eight standard set up three specialized civil construction division and four professional services division, a girder segment. "Three Qiangai do, you specialize in a full range of three-Qiangai; made of steel processing, it is responsible for the full range of steel processing and distribution; concrete production and supply a full range of all to the professional concrete mixing stations to complete, reinforced concrete implementation of internal processing and commercialization. we want a professional to do the professional thing. "Hu Guang said.

Under the leadership of the project led by the Department, reporters came to Hangzhou Huang eight Biaowu Division set up in Jixi steel plant, which is the general manager of Hang Huang Zhiping the company praised the "Hang Huang largest railway line, the most standard, the most standard steel processing plant. "

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2016-07-25 12:34

Bambus-Fu?boden kann durch drei verschiedene Methoden installiert werden, einschlie?lich Nagel-down mit Unterboden, vollfl?chige Verklebung auf Unterlage und schwebend. Jeder von ihnen ist geeignet für Bambus und Massivholzboden, der Unterschied ist:
Nageln Sie Installation: nimmt l?ngere Zeit und eine Menge Arbeit, aber Bodenbelag ist sehr stabil auf dem Unterboden, keine Bewegung. Das Laufgefühl ist das Beste.
Kleben Sie unten Installation: Schnellinstallationsmethode, aber eine Menge Klebstoff beteiligt ist, es k?nnte Ihr Haus Luft für den n?chsten paar Monaten belasten.
Schwimmdock Installation: Schnelle Installation und DIY Installationsmethode, einfach zu ersetzen, das Gefühl zu Fu? ist nicht sehr gut.
Kleben Sie unten Installation ist, dass Bodenbelag auf dem Boden direkt verklebt werden, diese Installation wird die Stabilit?t der gesamten Bodenbelag helfen, keine Bewegung, weil es wie ein gro?es Stück Bodenbelag ist, nicht viele Einzelstücke von Bodenbel?gen miteinander verbunden. Kleben Sie unten Installation ist sehr geeignet für die Heizung Boden.
Schritt 1: Markieren Sie Ihre Anfangszeile
Wir empfehlen Ihnen, Ihren Fu?boden parallel zur l?ngsten Au?enseite (Au?enseite) Wand in den Raum zu installieren.
Arbeiten Sie nicht auf dem neu installierten Bodenbelag. In einigen F?llen kann es auf dem neu installierten Bodenbelag zu arbeiten notwendig sein, stellen Sie sicher, dass diese Instanzen eine kneeler Board verwenden, um Ihr Gewicht gleichm??ig zu unterstützen.
Schritt 2: Den Kleber
Der Klebstoff sollte nicht angewendet werden, wenn Unterboden oder bei Raumtemperatur unter 60 ° F (16 ° C).
Verbreiten Sie ausreichende Mengen an Klebstoff mit einer der empfohlenen Kelle. Es wird für die Trocknung von Klebstoff 1 Stunde dauern, so wenden Sie sich bitte 1 Stunde warten n?chsten Schritt zu gehen.
Halten Kelle in einem 45 ° -Winkel. Die Kelle wird Stege aus Klebstoff verlassen und verlassen nur sehr wenig Klebstoff zwischen den Rippen. Wenn Klebstoff schnell trocknet, entfernen und verbreiten neue Klebstoff geeignete Bindung mit dem Untergrund zu erreichen.
W?hrend der Installation entfernen gelegentlich einen Bodenbelag-Einheit (Stück) für den Unterboden und überprüfen Sie die Rückseite für die ordnungsgem??e übertragung von Klebstoff. übertragung von mindestens 50% ist erforderlich, eine ausreichende Haltekraft zu gew?hrleisten.
Kleber unten Installation
Verbreiten Sie den Leim
Schritt 3: Installation von Flooring
Sie nicht die Bretter durch den Klebstoff gleiten, wenn sie in Position gebracht wird. Einfach die lange Zunge in die angrenzende lange Nut so nah wie m?glich an der kurzen angrenzenden Ende und passen in die endgültige Position. Planks sollten dicht an angrenzenden Planke gesto?en werden.
Eine zuf?llige Vermischung der verschiedenen Oberfl?chenk?rnungs Konfiguration wird vorgeschlagen, die natürliche Sch?nheit dieser Etage zu verbessern. Der Boden sollte aus mehreren Kartons gleichzeitig installiert werden, um eine gute Farbe und Schatten Mischung sicherzustellen.
Die erste Reihe von Bohlen sollte mit der Kante der Nut aufgereiht auf der Kreidelinie installiert werden. Die Zunge sollte der Ausgangswand gegenüberstellen. Die erste Zeile muss ausgerichtet und in den Kleber gesetzt werden, da alle zus?tzlichen Zeilen zu dieser ursprünglichen Reihe zurück gezogen werden.
Auf zus?tzliche Zeilen kann es erforderlich sein Planken mit einem abgeschnittenen Stück Schrott auszurichten, wie gezeigt. Eine weiche Gummihammer kann verwendet werden, um die Planken am Rand zu tippen, bis sie in die richtige Position gezogen werden.
Installieren Sie den Boden
Kleber unten Installations Punkte:
überprüfen Sie für eine enge Passung zwischen allen Kanten und Enden jeder Planke. Endverbindungen benachbarter Reihen sollte mindestens 6 Zoll versetzt sein.
Führen Sie die Installation die gleichen Verfahren. Achten Sie darauf, nicht den Klebstoff zu weit vor Ihrem Arbeitsbereich zu verbreiten.
Wenn Sie den Boden installieren, reinigen Sie die Klebereste vom Boden mit Wasser und Seife und einem sauberen Tuch. Wenn der Kleber auf dem Fu?boden aufstellen sollte, dann Benzin auf einem feuchten Tuch.
Vermeiden Sie schwere Fu?g?ngerverkehr auf dem Boden für mindestens 24 Stunden. Bewegen Sie die M?bel in den Raum zurück nach 24 Stunden. Den Boden nicht nach der Installation für 7 Tage decken, richtige Heilung des Klebstoffs zu gew?hrleisten.
Es sollte mit der Wand als expandierendes oder Schrumpfen des Bodenbelags nach der Installation 8-12mm Lücke zwischen Boden verlassen.
Kleben Sie unten über Betonplatte:
Beton muss vollst?ndig ausgeh?rtet und mindestens 60 Tage alt.
Feuchtigkeitsgehalt - Alle Beton sollte Feuchtegehalt untersucht werden, wie zuvor in der Richtlinie aufgeführt.
Vorbereitung-Beton muss sauber, trocken, tragf?hig, richtig ausgeh?rtet und frei von Schmutz, ?l, Farbe, alte Klebstoff, Wachs, Versiegelungen und H?rter. Der Beton muss "in einem 10" Radius mit einer Toleranz von 3/16 flach sein. Stufe niedrige Stellen mit geeigneten Nivellierungsmaterial.
Kleber unten über Holz Unterboden-:
a) Holzuntergrund muss tragf?hig sein und gut gesichert
b) Holzuntergrund muss sauber und trocken sein
c) Holzuntergrund muss "in einem 10" Radius mit einer Toleranz von 3/16 geschliffen flach
d) Entfernen Sie alle Verunreinigungen, die mit Bindung st?ren
e) Nagel oder eine Schraube Rohboden alle 12 "in der Mitte entlang Balken Quietschen zu vermeiden.
Wenn Sie ein perfektes Heizsystem in Ihrem Haus wollen, folgen Sie bitte bitte diese Anweisung, ist es für Ihren Fu?boden sehr hilfreich ist und den Boden Lebensdauer zu verl?ngern.

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Parquet wood floors and elegant inherited natural, eco white plastic wood for fencing Germany imported floor slotted line, V groove floor high-speed thermal transfer lines, first-class product line, and has the European Union CE certification, South Korea KS certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification and other certification authority.
OSIM floor for each eager to return to the peaceful nature of urban men and women exhibit pure Nordic life breath. White floor wall decorations make the space seem more spacious and bright, full of Nordic lazy wind. Wood color floor wall decoration to create a fresh and natural forest chalet style.


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Engineered wood flooring originated in Europe, has a wide market in Europe, the main species include three solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Because Europeans like our oak, maple, birch and other trees as well as Yunnan, the early 90s of last century, non slip composite decking kits uk and the substrate is a fast-growing wood veneer, which uses other general purposes, It can also be used for floor heating. The initial products are mainly sold to South Korea and Japan, to further development of the United States, European customers have also increasingly keen interest in the product, and now the domestic sales are also greatly increased.


2016-07-25 17:57

summer with high temperatures, most areas in hot humid climate, air humidity. How do we maintain our wooden floor?

A pavement of solid wood flooring must pay attention to the regular room ventilation, keep indoor air dry, avoid the floor in bagging, drum kits and other issues. If you experience continuous rainy weather, the indoor dehumidification need to avoid wood floor expands.

Second, planning to pavement flooring consumers, in this season must buy some better stability species, such as teak, Asian pear, red oak, Okan and other flooring materials, stability and more security.

Third, the high-intensity ultraviolet radiation in summer, be sure to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure will damage the finish of solid wood flooring, there will be severe paint, discoloration and other issues.

Fourth, if the stay is not yet a new house, be sure to do a good job blocking and sun.

Fifth, the clean wooden floor, it is best to use wrung cotton mop the floor to avoid contact with large amounts of water. In the cleaning agent of choice, the best choice for special floor cleaner, do not use alkaline detergent or soap and wash wood floors. In the use of air conditioning when the air conditioner is best not to long time at the wood floor to avoid floor deformation and other issues.

Sixth, consumers purchase wood flooring can enjoy professional service, summer care for wood floors have any questions radially Panmunjom professional consultation.

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Wood flooring is one of our common ground material, due to the frequent use, the floor is very easy to wear. Coupled with improper maintenance, <a href="">diy outdoor Waterproof floor</a> some wood floors spend two or three years for wear and warped. Get a new board takes only artificial but also spend additional charges change flooring. There are a good way to floor renovation, just a little money to make your floor a new look, why not try it?
Wood floor renovation:
1,the use of large-scale renovation of the floor sanding machine several times to remove the paint, surface, wood layer of about 0.5 mm, <a href="">Wood Plastic Composite Hollow Deck</a> and then carefully sanding the floor surface so smooth, smooth to a whole new state. Floor corner using a small angle grinder for grinding to achieve the overall smoothing effect.
2,the original seam transparent putty removed, <a href="">Natural Wood Texture Wall Panels For Sale</a> re-sealed seam, and then the entire floor surface sealed primer to be dry.
3.After the primer dry, brush finish first pass, until dry.
4,with more than 300 heads of water gauze carefully milled to a somewhat rough surface to remove fines from the second level of the paint brush.
5,according to the above procedures brush finish three to four times, the last time does not have to grind.
6,to be the last time finish after all dry floor wax can be marked.
Waxing: wood (plastic) floor surface coated with a protective wax, cut off the air after curing, water, dust, easy to clean, <a href="">weather resistant wall panel for supplier</a> to prevent wear, thus extending the life of a little more than anti-skid, anti-static effect; by professional waxing, wax, liquid distribution, thickness, bright and beautiful.
Wood floor polish: solid wood flooring or laminate flooring surface evenly sprayed with a layer of polish, and then repeatedly polished steel wool several times the effect is very significant, not only bright and beautiful and can deal with minor scratches and can play a non-slip, anti-static effect.


2016-07-26 04:15

Most white wine glasses have smaller mouths which reduces the area of contact the wine has with the air, reducing the rate of oxidation. Their bowls are not as wide as red wine glasses while the entire glass appears thinner.Best Cheap Wine Glasses


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Dekor parquet use the most sophisticated, most fashionable, most advanced technology, creating a unique value to offer consumers the most sumptuous feast floor, while the inspiration for this series comes from long-standing Dekor Research on wood products, wood processing technology research, research for the trend of cutting-edge design. By meticulously rendered Dekor for parquet flooring, undoubtedly highlights the unique taste of its products and extraordinary value, through the perfect interpretation Dekor parquet floor, then passed out with the owner of the silent language training.

Whirlpool parquet floor system targeted at high-end consumers, the German ultra-grinding paint the most advantageous process, curtain coating, imitation Gula Si, slitting technology, paving simple and easy to care for geothermal firm, managing logs charm, refined lead style of. From high-definition new release to continue to supply high-end parquet, Whirlpool interpretation to consumers with quality and style with high-quality products, and now, in the whale on the market-based parquet flooring, not only exquisite workmanship, color diversity, and cost-effective have a great advantage, no doubt will become the parquet floor Whirlpool mainstream high-end products.

Parquet flooring consumer market positioning object decision parquet floors. From product development to marketing, parquet floor to emphasize the details of the perfect standard for the quality of products to watch the main, practical retreat followed a high-end commercial positioning. It is designed for high-income, high consumer groups to build luxury. Future, parquet floors occupy the high-end market share will gradually increase, so the quality of the parquet floor of technological development, the floor can be seen that the brand's market positioning.

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<p>Outdoor Letters Outdoor Plastic Letters Acrylic Letters & Numbers Home Sign Letters Plastic Sign Letters Acrylic Letters & Numbers . , and just .Outdoor Wood Letters $. Cherry Wood Letters & Numbers $. Connected MDF Wood Letters $. All prices are in USD Copyright Sign . Select from a variety of styles colors and sizes . Letters and logos for years. Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty Indoor Outdoor . the sign business cutting wooden letters , numbers , logos and .We sell aluminum sign letters up to inch tall in a variety of finishes and styles . Concrete In Stock Letters and Numbers ? Installing letters to doors How . for tie backs on letters over " tall in outdoor use. Double sets of . Shop a variety of quality Signs, Letters& Numbers and Hardware that are available for purchase online or . Letters & Numbers Signs, Letters & Numbers House Letters & Numbers Outdoor . Plastic Red and white sign Add to Compare . sheeting letters and numbers for indoor and outdoor marking. . and custom acrylic sign letters and numbers . Flat cut acrylic sign letters . Shop a variety of quality House Letters& Numbers and Hardware that are available for purchase online or . Maintain Gardening& Outdoor Paint, Stain . Letters & Numbers House Letters & Numbers House Letters & Numbers . Plastic Red and white sign Add to .sealing tarmac driveway maintenance</p>


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<p>Solid wood flooring always give you practical experience intimate, rustic and warm touch, it is cool, unique texture show host unique quality of life, and a small series of solid wood flooring up to learn maintenance skills it! First, wood flooring maintenance tips Waterproof, if accidentally spilled on the wood floor drain the water, even a little, but also timely wipe clean with a soft cloth, keep it dry, so as not to promote luster, and even cause warping, cracking and mildew. </p>

<p>Fire, do not arbitrarily or seedlings with the article did not extinguish cigarette butts and matchsticks, etc. onto the ground, do not use gasoline on the floor wiping dust, dirt, avoid static electricity after friction, resulting in a fire. Atraumatic, do not wear shoes with nails to the wood floor in the walk, a number of rough, heavy and relatively high hardness objects, not directly on the wood floor to prevent scratching, if this happens, it should be repaired not good. Anti-fouling, if dirt is generally water-soluble substance left, you can wipe the dust first, then use soft cloth dipped in a little strong tea wipe. For not understand the nature of chemical cleaning agents is not disposable, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the floor caused by a chemical reaction. Second, solid wood flooring maintenance methods, one, from time to time to play a wax, the interval to finish with the floor finish to be.</p>

<p> The method is to use a damp cloth to clean the floor and waxing. Should be evenly spread on the floor surface and allowed to &quot;soak&quot;, etc. thousand wipe with a soft cloth on the floor back and forth slightly dry until smooth and translucent. 2, the use of three to five years, you can use the original paint on the floor of the same kind of paint, repainting the floor again. I remember before the paint dust must do the work, and should pay attention to a little water mill with a fine sandpaper dipped in a little warm water, gently polishing the surface of the floor again to rub off the top of the residual oil, then wipe clean with a clean rag , so that you can paint on the brush. </p>

<p>Third, the wood floor Caution 1, just finished laying on the floor, when you want to remember to keep the indoor air circulation. 2, overweight items should be smooth placement, furniture or hard objects can not be forced to push and pull boxes; 3, use can not be soaked in water floor, if there is outside, it should be promptly with a dry mop the floor mop; 4, keep the floor dry clean; 5, with floor cleaning agents please the dirt, which can not have a damaging items for cleaning.</p>

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Earlier this year the US International Trade Commission ��ITC�� final of 18 companies violated the laminate flooring Unilin Dutch companies such as floor lock patent,frame form composite bench which seriously affected the overall beauty of the ground. Jiangsu Dewei Wood Industry Co.,


2016-07-26 05:44

In recent years, with the development of multi-layered solid composite floor industry, the use of multi-layer solid composite floor users is gradually increasing, many consumers this acceptance of products is also increasing. How to properly use and maintenance of multi-layer solid composite floor determines the appearance and life of the product post-maintenance and maintenance has become an important issue. Many wood flooring manufacturers need to do more to improve and enhance the service, so that consumers understand the relevant knowledge to use safeguard the interests of both consumers and businesses. Simply remind you wood flooring in daily use should pay attention to the following points:

1. Avoid sun exposure and rain water
Many rooms sun and rain can enter the room directly from the window, which is multi-layer solid composite floor produce great harm. Sun exposure can cause aging of paint and glue, and cause shrinkage and cracking the case of the floor; rain water will cause absorption of moisture causes wood flooring expansion deformation, as well as wooden floors caused by mildew.

2. Proper cleaning wood floors
Daily should regularly clean wood floors and keep clean the ground. First with the cleaning process quickly broom dust debris clean sweep, and then wring dry with a clean cloth to wipe the water after doing so, the area under the big case can be cloth mop children wash and drip-dry for drag net floor. Remember not to use too much moisture cloth or mop, and usually keeping the floor dry. Usually last from time to time to play a floor wax floor to strengthen protection. Paintwork damage can fill yourself with ordinary varnish or ask the manufacturer for repair. Common stain approach: Chocolate, grease, juice, wine, sweet wine with warm water and mild detergent; ink, lipstick, mineral, shoe polish, nail polish can be used alcohol to clean, but it should be promptly removed to prevent corrosion of the floor.

3. To maintain appropriate relative humidity
It should normally be 45% to 75% for the best.

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<P> Multifunctional asphalt pavement maintenance vehicles, a variety of disease treatment for many pits of asphalt pavement during use, produce, crack, pro package, subsidence, net bifida and design. Flexible operation, safe and efficient. To achieve a variety of on-site maintenance operation. Repair high strength, low cost, all-weather operations. Pothole Patching out waste asphalt, without crushing, one hundred percent of the in situ thermal regeneration. Yield, high efficiency, low construction cost, energy saving and environmental protection. It is an ideal multi-functional integrated road maintenance vehicle. </P>
<P> Multifunctional asphalt pavement maintenance vehicle having: Asphalt Pavement thermal regeneration, forced mixing asphalt concrete, asphalt distributor, road crack pouring tracking, providing hydraulic power and other functions as one of the practical car for the conservation of other hydraulic equipment. Products obtained four national patents, won the Jining Municipal Science Progress Award, is an innovative technology for asphalt pavement maintenance. </P>
<P> Device main characteristics are as follows: </p>
<P> 1. choose Dongfeng truck chassis, power steering, air-conditioning, for a variety of operating conditions. </P>
<P> 2. In coal as fuel, low construction cost. Use bag-type dust collector, smoke-free clean, energy-saving and environmental protection. </P>
<P> 3. Vertical forced mixing, to mix asphalt concrete. . Vehicle fully hydraulic drive, hydraulic components used by the US Eaton, simple operation, safe. </P>
<P> 4. asphalt pipeline, asphalt pump with built-in, no-clean after use. Asphalt metering device is provided, according to need, precisely metered amount of bitumen per vessel, to ensure that the mixture of oil and petrochemical.
<P> 5. Asphalt containment tank temperature control device is provided to protect temperature asphalt. Spices warehouse includes an infrared measurement and control device, effectively control the mixing and discharge temperature. </P>
<P> 6. use the rear feed design to reduce construction road lane, avoid traffic jams. 11. The use of the material side of the design, the material directly to the pit, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. </P>

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