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Portable crusher helps concrete industry to realize green production

Forums / General discussion / Portable crusher helps concrete industry to realize green production


2018-10-12 04:52

The existing production pattern of the concrete industry has low assembly technology and serious pollution and waste, so that green development becomes the inevitable choice to transform the development pattern. Concrete industry has entered a crucial transformation period, and it has become a must to realize green production through production and operation pattern transformation and upgrading.
To realize sustainable development and green production of the concrete industry, the only way out is technical innovation and correct industrial policy orientation, so that the goal of reducing consumption of industrial resources and energy and pollutant discharge can be realized, and doing research on mixing waste materials into concrete and on the feasibility of applying recycled concrete in different strength grade, different structure and different part is an important aspect.
The new type of coal processing plant is usually assembled by our company, and it can be put into use only by a small adjustment or connection on the working site. In this way, it can save the fees of installation foundation of equipment as well as save the labors of installation and adjustment. The portable crushing plant manufactured by our company has a very compact structure, and in the design process, the transportation requirement has been taken into consideration, so that most machines can be directly consigned on highway and even railway long-distance transportation is also convenient.

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