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ideas for new units

Forums / Ideas / ideas for new units

do you like the idea for:

5.6% [1]
11.1% [2]
Scythed chariots?
16.7% [3]
0% [0]
5.6% [1]
16.7% [3]
market/trade centers/caravans/fleet?
33.3% [6]
turtle ship?
5.6% [1]
5.6% [1]


2012-12-28 16:26

skirmishers: fast and cheap, can move twice like mounted (3+3) son can attack and retreat to safety. Very weak but good at softening a defender.

peltasts: like spearmen but no damage bonuses vs knight, instead throw javelins at 1 hex (same effect as archer) and get big defensive bonus in forest and mountain (could also have damage bonus against skirmishers!)

Scythed chariots: can only move on desert and grassland. Move only once (5). Very weak in defence but very good in attack with big damage bonus against knights and centurions

sappers: they are only effective against buildings, can work from within a ram, the effect is to soften the target building and/or reduce the defensive bonus.

engineers: no combat ability, can turn a building type into another by paying a price in gold for the difference + the work
engineers could also be used to set (invisible) traps: enemy caught into a trap can't move further for that turn and has its defence reduced (no actual damage but it's more vulnerable to attacks).

marines: weak infantry (spearmen without damage bonus) but can board and capture enemy ships

market/trade centers: like a small mine, produce 100g

trade caravans: like a trade center produce 100g but it is a unit that can move.

Fishing fleet: a unit that produce 100g like a trade caravan but on water

turtle ship: armoured ship, very good against missile (ram on water).


2014-01-30 15:32

i like peltasts, skirmishers, chariots (but little bonus against knights, high against lighetd unit + mounted units), i like turtle ship and finally i like trade center too, but not caravans or fishing fleet.


2014-01-31 21:31

Some of those things would work but not all.

finn leason

2016-10-09 23:01

Neat ideas, I'd love to see them in action.

Another one could be Churches; heals anyone on it right back to their full potential.


2020-01-19 11:10

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