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2018-10-22 09:39

Characteristics and application of grinding of superhard abrasives
With the development of science and technology, materials with high strength and hardness are more and more widely used in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, and machinery industry, and these materials are often difficult to process with ordinary abrasives. Under this circumstance, super-hard abrasive grinding disc tools are produced and developed.

Superhard abrasive tools are abrasives made of diamond and cubic boron nitride. Their advantages are shown in the following aspects.

1. it can process high hardness materials which are difficult to be machined by ordinary abrasives.
2. less wear in processing and good economic results under reasonable conditions.
3. The shape and dimension of abrasive grinding disc tools change slowly and the service life is long, so it is seldom trimmed and can prolong the time to maintain a sharp cutting edge, so the grinding efficiency is high and the power consumption is low.
4. the grinding temperature is low, which can reduce the number of defects in the city and avoid cracks and burns.

Diamond is known as a hard material in the world, but natural diamond resources are limited, difficult to excavate and expensive. Now we should focus on the research and development of synthetic diamond as a substitute for natural diamond.

Artificial diamond abrasives have good grinding performance and low wheel consumption, but they are not suitable for heavy load grinding. Natural diamond abrasives are not as good as synthetic diamond abrasives in abrasive performance. The wheel wear is large and the cost is high, but the larger grinding amount can be used.

Because of its high hardness, diamond abrasives have good wear resistance, sharp edges, and corners, small friction coefficient, but when the temperature of diamond is above 600-700, its carbon atoms easily diffuse into ferrite materials to form iron carbide, which will accelerate diamond wear, so it is not suitable for grinding steel and other plastic materials.

Cubic chlorination group (cBN) is another new type of superhard material. It has cubic crystal made of cubic boron chloride under the condition of catalyst participation and high temperature and pressure. Its hardness is about 1.5 times that of corundum and lower than that of a diamond. But it can withstand high temperature. Its thermal stability and chemical stability are better than that of the diamond. Therefore, cubic boron chloride abrasive grinding disc tools are suitable for processing hard and tough ferrous metals. However, it is easy to react with water at high temperature, so it is generally used for dry grinding.


2018-10-23 12:22

Reasons and solutions for the breakdown of grinding wheels (Part Two)
Yesterday, we learned about some of the reasons for the use of high efficient metal abrasive disc rupture and solutions, there is a part of the remaining did not understand, today, we continue to understand the rest of the content!

1. Side grinding with unsuitable grinding wheels.
When using grinding wheels other than side high efficient metal abrasive discs, it is necessary to use grinding wheels (bowl-shaped wheels, etc.) for side grinding.

2. The change of grinding wheel quality.
Problem: When the high efficient metal abrasive disc meets the flood or the fire, the resin bond, the rubber bond grinding wheel and so on must raise the quality change.
Solution: To confirm the way of the grinding wheel entering, to keep the grinding wheel correctly, we should consider the manufacturing date of the grinding wheel, and strictly carry out the inspection before use.

3. Irregular failure
Problem: the quality of the high efficient metal abrasive disc is not good; the wheel is pressed by the heavy matter; the unreasonable installation of the grinding wheel.
Solution: To ensure product quality, enter the inspection to study its condition in detail and prohibit heavy objects to be pressed on the grinding wheel to install smoothly and smoothly.


2018-10-24 10:14

Do you know the special grinding wheel?

      Protection problem The protective cover is the most important protection device of the grinder. Its function is: When 4.5 inches grinding disc is damaged due to work, it can effectively cover the grinding wheel fragments and ensure the safety of personnel. The shape of the wheel guard is round and square, and the maximum opening angle is not allowed to exceed 90°; the material of the shield is steel with a tensile strength of not less than 415 N/mm2. When replacing a new 4.5 inches grinding disc, the protective cover should be installed firmly and reliably, and the protective cover should not be dismantled or discarded.
      Blocking the screen is one of the main protective attachments of the grinder. The opening of the guard above the horizontal plane of the main shaft is greater than or equal to 30 (this device must be provided. Its main function is to block the flying during the grinding process, so as not to hurt The operator is installed at the positive end of the protective cover opening, the width should be larger than the width of 4.5 inches grinding disc guard, and should be firmly fixed to the protective cover. In addition, the clearance between the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel and the baffle should be less than 6mm.

      Bracket problems Brackets are one of the commonly used attachments for grinders. Adjustable brackets must be provided for grinders with a specified 4.5 inches grinding disc diameter of 150 mm or more. The distance between the grinding wheel and the bracket should be less than 1/2 of the minimum shape of the workpiece to be ground, but the maximum should not exceed 3 mm.


2018-10-30 12:49

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