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2018-08-10 06:56

NICOSIA, June 19 (Xinhua) -- The sight of a just married bride splashing in the sea in her expensive wedding gown is becoming a frequent feature at Ayia Thekla, a stretch of picturesque beaches on the south shores of Cyprus.

As more and more people opt to marry on the beach, several young couples make it a point -- some of them consider it a luck token -- to spoil their wedding attire in the turquoise and green shallow sea.

Ayia Thekla is a stretch of unspoiled coastline next to the Ayia Napa beaches on which thousands of mostly young holidaymakers bask in the sunshine every day.

It is within the boundaries of Sotira village, a mostly agricultural community several kilometers inland, producing mainly potatoes, tomatos. But the community has come out dynamically in tourism, mostly concentrating on offering wedding schemes to young couples on summer vacation.

"We started with a few weddings in 2013. We had about 100 weddings last year and we'll end with over 300 this year," said Marinos Pavlikas, in charge of the weddings section of the Sotira Municipality.

Ayia Thekla shot into world fame after Thomas Cook recommended it as the perfect place to hold a beach wedding in its Summer 2016 "Travel" magazine, listing similar destinations in the Greek Islands, Malta, Venice, Cape Town, Majorca and Los Angeles.

"The famous Ayia Thekla beach in Sotira is a lovely stretch of coastline where waters lap the shore... You couldn't find a more picturesque place for a wedding to remember," noted Tomas Cook's "Travel" magazine.

Pavlikas is kept busy every day arranging marriages or accompanying couples to the site to choose the spot of their liking.

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