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Premature Victory

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2011-09-20 21:32

Not a bug but a ruleset issue.

While hotseating a new map, I realize that one player was vanquished when all the forces were killed. However, he had bases that were uncapped, and producing income, of course, and would have been able to build on his next turn...

I think it would be better if a player was eliminate if there are no troops left, and no income-producing buildings either.


2011-09-20 22:44

Problem with this is that capturing all those bases takes time.. If he already has no troops left he is probably already lost and it would be just delaying the victory.

What others think on the issue?


2011-09-20 23:51

I´ve noticed this too. I think Balduran has a point, its hard to imagine a situation in which a player has no troops but a chance of winning


2011-09-21 00:49

You earned those productions if you captured them. Its like killing a weed, you have to take out the roots to stop it from growing. If you don't take out his production, the player is still in the game, he still have unit available from his units that he can buy. Also, who would own those productions when the player is eliminated cause he has no troops? would it turn neutral? Would it go to the player that killed the last unit of that eliminated player? It would not be fair to other players that been fighting him as well.
Now What I think should be an option for Team[/u] games is that a player can surrender, but have the option of who on their team they would like to give their units and production to.


2011-09-21 02:14

I think a player should be declared defeated if he doesn't have any buildings capable of producing gold and doesn't have any units left.

If the player doesn't have any buildings BUT has unit/s left then he should get a set amount of time(let's say 7 turns) to capture something. Specialized buildings shouldn't count. Maybe they should if the player has 100+ gold?

If the player has buildings and is producing gold then he definitely isn't out of the game. Unless all of the buildings are covered by enemy units.

Rules should be fair and logical but an etiquette with common sense should exist.

Now that I think of it, I wish there was an option to set a fixed ending to games based on turns. Like in the tournament we're currently having. Say you can set "50 turns" and if those 50 turns are up then the game is tied, or won-lost based on statistics(how it should be decided can be chosen in the beginning as well).


2019-11-04 00:59

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