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Why does ADUC prompt for admin rights when running as different user?

Forums / Ideas / Why does ADUC prompt for admin rights when running as different user?


2018-04-02 17:18


I'm logged into a workstation with RSAT tools installed and need to run ADUC as a different user with domain admin rights. If I run ADUC as a different user, it prompts for admin rights asking if I want to allow this app to make changes to my computer.That works if I'm running ADUC as a domain admin that has local admin rights on the workstation, but this doesn't work if I'm trying to open ADUC as a domain admin for a different domain. My logged in user would have to be a local admin.If I enter domain admin credentials for the local domain into the UAC prompt, then it also logs into ADUC under that context and I can't manage the other domain.How can I open ADUC to manage a different domain while logged into a Windows workstation as a standard user?

Please help.

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