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Tried submitting a map issue - Very annoyed

Forums / Map making / Tried submitting a map issue - Very annoyed


2018-03-27 09:32


Thanks for the info, so it definitely is partially my fault as I actually signed up so long ago that it was an email address that I haven't used in almost 4 years. However, it's still frustrating that there's no way to reply from the Waze inbox.And iainhouse, I definitely do not blame the editor in anyway. I definitely understand that not everything is perfect, but sometimes things don't make sense. Like why have an inbox without an outbox? But I don't blame the editor/person who messaged me. It's not their fault that a simple way for me to reply wasn't provided outside of email, which is my fault as I haven't ever updated my email address with Waze as I've never had a reason before to check that it was valid. And since I'm always all over my email, I know that I would have gotten it and not run into this issue should it have been properly updated by me.Again, thank you both for your help/insight. I will PM the editor as I know that the change I'm making will help others heading to the same place because the map doesn't realize there is a left turn allowed in a certain part of this road so it routes you all over the place to get to the right spot.

Please help.

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