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cabinets made of solid wood

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2018-03-14 14:12

The closet itself does not have too many carvings and curves. The cabinet's finish is also relatively simple. Jane Europe or neo-classical style bookcase inherits the classical legacy, with a certain amount of carved, curved decoration, but the lines tend to be regular and modern.
Classical style is mainly based on cabinets made of solid wood or solid wood. There are hollow Chinese style panes and Western classical styles that incorporate architectural elements. In addition, with the breeze of the small fresh air, the white cabinets represented by French and Korean styles,
with an idyllic atmosphere, gradually become the mainstream style of bookcases. Finished bookcases are more diversified in style. Basically, furniture stores of different styles can find bookcase products of the corresponding styles, and they are more diversified in product design and more varied in creative ideas.
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