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ASUS laptop dropping wifi..??

Forums / Ideas / ASUS laptop dropping wifi..??


2018-02-27 10:38

When WiFi won't connect.

First, make sure your laptop is 'not' connected to the modem/router via an Ethernet cable and follow the steps:

1. Go to "Control Panel".

2. Next go to "Network and Internet" and then "Network and Sharing".

3. Now click on "Manage Wireless Networks".

4. On this screen, remove all wireless connections by "right clicking" on it and select "Remove network" from the drop down menu.

5. After doing this, close the windows and scan for the "Wi-Fi networks".

6. Click on the available network that you want to access and select "connect".

7. It takes a moment, but then you will be asked to give a password for your Wi-Fi connection. Type in the password and click the "connect" button.

It should now stay connected.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, it may be a windows 10 problem and not a WiFi one.

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Asus Support UK

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