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Mountain Dew Made A Special Edition Nike Kyrie 3 Kit

Forums / Map making / Mountain Dew Made A Special Edition Nike Kyrie 3 Kit


2018-01-16 09:24

This is something that feels authentically modern, so when you see the “built-in, crew-length compression sock,” on the nike vapormax flyknit “Uncle Drew” package by Pepsi. With a rumored feature film in the works written by Kyrie himself, today we get a look at the next Pepsi Co. installment of Kyrie’s signature model with this Nike Kyrie 3 Mountain Dew “K.A.R.E Kit”. The pack stands for Kyrie’s Ankle Recovery Equipment and features a promotional package featuring a lime green telephone in case of emergency, elastic ankle wrap, an embarrassment disguise, five cans of Mountain Dew, an iPad, and an exclusive Mountain Dew-themed colorway of the Nike Kyrie 3.


2018-01-30 08:20

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2018-02-26 05:42

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2018-04-08 05:29

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2019-10-09 17:50

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