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Fog of War

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2011-03-27 14:43

It seems to be very difficult to advance with fog of war. The most you can see or attack is 2 tiles, or maybe 3 with a torchman on the front line, yikes. I have a couple of suggestions.
- If a unit moves forward and reveals a hidden unit, they should be able attack (maybe at reduced strength)
- Not sure if a unit should be able to move back once its revealed a new unit. This is nice, but somewhat defeats the purpose of fog if you can cheat to see into the night
- Add sight bonus for being on a mountain or in a building, and maybe sight restriction for forest
- The ability to build a tower could give similar attack and sight bonus as a mountain.
- being able to build structures could open up many possibilities .... fortifications or bridges


2019-10-09 15:21

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