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Sieges and supply lines

Forums / Ideas / Sieges and supply lines


2011-03-18 12:55

As you might have noticed sieges in Warnet are a little different as they used to be in real life.. In real life castles were usually surrounded, supply lines blocked etc. And if it got too bad, people surrendered.
Castle captures were not so often.

So how to do this in Warnet?
Maybe we could have resource named Food and each unit would need food at the beginning of each turn.. No food, units start to lose health until they die. But this just limits the amount of units each side can have (actually not that bad feature), but if you have a castle surrounded, but super protected villages on the other side of the map, units in it should start to slowly starve.. How to do that? Supply lines? How should they work?

Or maybe go into a little "Civilization" logic and create areas around castle that produce food, but if enemy on it, no food, unit dies..

But it should not take focus off the main thing which is fighting, not resource management.

What are your opinions about this?


2011-03-18 14:43

This all sounds very interesting Balduran, I´ll have a good ponder over this before I comment but I think your ideas are in the right ball park. keeping the emphasis on fighting. Keeping a limit on your army size is a nice idea, as sometimes the bigger maps can become world war 1 scenarios.


2011-03-22 16:00

This would be great!
I am currently really struggling to adapt my style of play to the fog. But having a more complex tactical setup due to supply lines would still be really great.

But implementing it into the game would be really tough.
High-end: Definition of a transport unit which is used to restock supplies in a base. Food might be bought or is, as Balduran proposed, produced around villages/bases and can then be moved around (also allowing for a certain loss from decay)

Low- to medium-end: Every base accounts for itself from adjacent hexes.

But what about units in the open field? Do they have to be supplied? Dunno.

Anyhow, having not only strength but also food resources in bases or maybe assigned to each unit makes it really complicated. I think that not everybody would be happy with that. Also, balancing maps would be really tough.


2019-10-08 21:10

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