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A little more

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2011-03-16 11:22

Two new cool features are ready!

Team chat - Write to only team C, write only to player 2... You name it!
Using it is very simple:
/T - write to your team
/A - write to team A
/B - write to team B and so on
/1 - write to player 1
/2 - write to player 2 and so on
Press ENTER to chat
Press CTRL + ENTER to write only to your team
(You are not allowed to write to yourself or to a team, if it is not a team game!)
NB! Team chat IS NOT available in old games, so don't try to send private messages there Might get you in trouble

And the second thing - you can see in all games who is currently online. It has a delay about 3 minutes, but should make life a lot easier in situations like "I wonder if he is still online... or he left?"

And thank you all for your donations, this means A LOT!!!


2011-03-17 08:07

ok, that is very cool! nice execution


2011-03-18 01:38

Thank you, thank you, thank you
It would be nice if there was a button or something to do this. I might accidentally type /P and tell everyone that the other team sucks.

Very cool!


2011-03-23 19:44

Awesome as always!!


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