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What features you would like?

Forums / Ideas / What features you would like?


2010-02-26 18:43

I propose some ideas that we hopefully will implement soon:

1) Experience - Units will gain experience from combats. This experience makes units stronger. This way you don't want to go in and just kill everybody, but attack and then fall back for repairs. Units that have seen battle are always better than new recruits.

2) King unit - Lose this unit and game is over.

3) Goldmine - Gives more money than castle and village

4) Limited amount of money. Each building gives only limited amounts of money. For example let's say castles only give total of 1000 gold and 150 per turn. This means that you must use resources a lot more carefully. (And games will be shorter.)

What do you think about these ideas?
Do you have any ideas that you would like to share?


2010-02-26 19:02

fourth point should be optional. I would still like to play games with infinite money..

Others are good ideas!

hector wulherz

2010-02-27 17:28

I like all those, the games would become more interesting and challenging, i also agree with captain jacks propose.


2010-03-01 18:17

To be honest also king unit should be optional.
Goldmine? Why not.
Experience - definately a good idea. This would eliminate the pointless killing in the game and add some strategy.
Castle should be able to build ramming devices which would have same purpose as war machines, only that they would be used from distance of 1 square and would move only 1 square.

Some maps that dont have workshops are pretty damn stupid, since you cant conquer the castle if you have phalanx in it. Just keep reviving and all the dudes around you just keep dying.


2010-03-02 13:17

Experience is the best feature, ever. Always gives a lot to a game. But there Exp shouldnt go on forever, maybe 2-4 different "levels", no more.

Goldmine, would be nice, but there should be a non-even nr of mines on a map(1,3 etc), because otherwise it evens out, and then there's no point.

And with King and Limited gold, i agree with others - should be optional.


2010-03-03 04:19



2010-03-04 10:32

just thinking.... 1. for me it were cool to play against AI bots, or semi (AI and players)
were it available to add some bots into game? and create maps with AI bots? -like defend abadoned castles and train some strikes against players -- simple train and send attacks to captured buildings or defend abadoned ones

2. terrain themes: winter, xmas, halloween, sth-etc --> just pictures... but something different and vigo

to baldu

king-unit-game and limited-resources should be as gameplay options not as ruleset, then hands-up


2010-03-07 12:27

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2010-03-19 15:37

I don't know what you're planning or if I have missed some features but you have two areas of development:

1. The Game
2. The Website

For the game, I haven't played enough to comment yet except maybe to say don't forget colorblind users! I'm not colorblind myself (that I know of!) but I know that it can be difficult for colorblind users to see differences between some players/colors.

For the website, Perhaps I missed some features so I apologize if these exist and I just haven't used my eyes but I think that it would be nice to:
1. Have a "buddy list" of your favorite players
2. Have a link on a member page to be able to send a message to that user (or a link on your "buddy list". I think right now you have to type the username when you create a new message?
3. real-time chat outside of games is always nice to encourage a community.


2010-03-20 00:11

Darkbee good ideas.
Buddy list is definitely coming and this will update ofcourse message sending.
Chat will also be added very soon.

Also I need to get more familiar with the "color-blind" topic on how to make this game playable for them. Do I need to use some kinds of signs? etc...

Current development list for next update is
Experience / unit levels
Buddy list
Favorite maps
Battle statistics


2010-03-20 00:17

One more idea I came one day is "screens". For example archers could buy wooden screen for themselves to protect them from backfire.

You could buy this screen by double clicking the unit and then payment menu appears. Screen is removed if you move. Or slows movement a lot - but archers already move quite badly... but maybe allow most of the units to buy these screens.. and some units can carry these screens with them. needs some thought, but to me this idea seems quite interesting. Would bring new tactics to gameplay

What do you think about this idea?


2010-03-21 22:38

Screens (shields?) can be added later. A nice idea but not important for me. Probably better to balance the "base" units first before adding new things. Just my opinion.

As for color-blindness, I believe typically certain colors appear the same for color blind people. For example blue and green look the same so it's hard for them to tell blue and green apart. For others, it's red and purple, or blue and purple. There are many different types of color blindness. I'm not an expert on color blindness but I guess imagine that you can only see in black and white (or greyscale). So it's best to imagine using symbols (or "signs", same thing I think) to tell the difference between players and/or teams.

I only mention color-blindness because I know it was something repeatedly requested on TOTBSG* (*The Other Turned Based Strategy Game) but repeatedly ignored by the developers.

I think you have a good list to work on.


2010-03-22 19:52

I love the concept, although it seems vaguely familiar....could this be the one?

My first impressions are that the game seems slick and with scope for plenty of features. I find the presentation of the site cramped and rather fiddly though - but that may be my age and taste.

There's lots of really cool ideas mentioned above, but I'd love to see things like teamplay and good community features come before expansions to game mechanics, once a good core has been achieved.

I guess it depends if you want to make the game accessible or more hardcore, since complexity raises the barrier to entry.

Sorry, usual blather Need to play a few more games... fantastically impressed though


2010-03-24 19:45

Comments to maps, for mapmakers.
View reps on the map. For the map balancing.

Save/load reps.

Global chatroom for players who out of a game.

My english like russian, sorry.


2010-03-24 20:26

I just started today and I think the game has potential. Here are some things I'd like to see based on my first impressions (I'm a weewar player):

- Stat showing income per turn for each player
- Stat showing army strength (includes damage taken to units)
- Stat showing army potential (excludes damage taken to units)
- If I have browser minimized, it needs to show number of games or change to say something other than "Warnet-Game". Having 1 game when 1 game is ready or 2 games when it is your turn in 2 games...etc.
- better information on what units can attack and cannot. I know you'll learn this in time, but having that available at a glance would be useful for newbies (like myself)
- a battle simulator which allows you to estimate battle results taking into account: position of attackers, terrain, number of attackers, and other bonuses. Maybe a fan will great this if nothing else??
- More information on moved costs for different types of terrain. It is difficult to plan your strategy without being able to calculate the distance units can travel. I know you can click the unit and see where they can move, but it would be nice to have that information displayed somewhere. Right now it seems like land units can move way to far. My basic unit can move 2 grass hexes, and 2 tree hexes in one turn. That feels like way to far.



2010-03-24 21:41

An absolute must in my opinion and should be very easy to do:

A game count on the "My Games" screen, something like (6/6) meaning 6 games active from 6 games total, where actives games are games that are not waiting to be removed because of loss or victory.

If there are 4/6 games, then you know that you've got 2 games that can be removed.

I also have some complaints about making the My Game page easier to view quickly but I think you have enough to do without adding more. The game count would be a good start and pretty easy to do I think.


2010-03-30 00:05

I am also a player from the TOTBSG. I have been requesting a colorblind solution there for a while. It limits the maps I play to small 1v1 maps. While I still have fun doing that, there is much more to the game than that.

In regards to making it colorblind accessible, the best solution is to make it so there is a way to determine unit and base ownership without using colors. While I would prefer that this distinction be made at a glance (like color is designed to do), it can also be done by manually clicking a unit or base to determine the information. While the second option would be slower, it would still provide the required information.

A suggestion so that the information is conveyed at a glance would be to give everyone a shape in addition to a color. This shape would be displayed on the player list on the upper right on their colored bar, on the flag that hangs above a captured base, and some where on each unit (next to the unit strength, maybe?).

An on-click suggestion to provide the information could be to add an ownership line to the info box displayed on the right side of the screen when you click on a unit or base.
As an example, when I click on my ram, it shows the name of the unit, it's movement, carry capacity, etc, a description, and it's best and worst targets. You could add an ownership line like the following:
Owner: quintsquad

Again, these are just suggestions. The information could be displayed else where, it could be on click, on hover, whatever.

Lastly, because it came up on the threads in the other game, the absolute worst solution, and the worst path to go down, is try to find colors that "work for everyone." Trying to do this skirts around the issue at hand, and this solution will never help for the person that is completely colorblind (sees in greyscale).

I feel like I've typed enough. I will now step off my soap box.


2010-03-30 17:33

It would be nice if there would be statistics after a game ends. Something like how many troops you killed and how many you lost. Sorry if this was already posted.


2010-03-31 19:09

quintsquat, thank you for this information. I might not be able to release this update to next release, but it is considered as important (And not very hard) thing to do. It will be done though for sure!

Statistics is another thing that will be added (Not for next update though).
The idea for statistics is already clear and analyzed. Basicly it will give you through time this data:
* army value
* army health
* army size
* resource production (gold for Medieval)

This statistics can also be viewed during play time. (So no need for counting the bases / units). Like I said in one other topic - there is no point waste time on counting stuff or memorizing basic information needed for decision making, like nr of units, army power etc.

Darkbee, active games / removable games number will not be added - reason for that is:
* We have somewhat room problems
* This is not actually that important information. This info might be added under My games section though. (But not into the menu)
* It would need more complexity for the application, as ajax loading happens only for center part, (Not whole site)

Hal2000 Check manual for detailed numbers about movement etc.. All the numbers are there.
About statistics I spoke at the beginning of this post.
I will check about changing page title. It is added to THE TODO list.

Our priority currently is to develop more community features. If thats good, then continue with game development.

New graphics is also something we are working on right now. We try not to make it too colorful, but still keep it nice looking

I hope I answered all your questions


2010-04-10 00:04

I agree, it would be awesome. Unfortunately I have never programmed anything near to a desktop application. (Highly specialized in web development) So if anyone wants to get their hands dirty, it would be great! I would prepare an API for it as soon as needed

Contact me if anyone is interested


2010-04-10 10:44

I'm not offering (can't ) but taking the example from err...elsewhere, some people will fall over themselves to add to and enhance the game. I guess the attitude could range from "actively supported and encouraged" to "forbidden". What's the feeling here? I would love to see a capable and robust API and like to see companies which positively allow people to move their game forward. Paradox is one that comes to mind for instance...

OTOH I can problems - ask Apple about the value of a closed ecoystem

Keep up the great work. Amazed to see things go so far so quickly!

PS - a post preview function would be nice down the line

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