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Players order in ranked games

Forums / Ideas / Players order in ranked games


2010-08-20 23:23

What do you think about this idea?

If you are playing ranked game, players order will get randomized before the start. This would remove the problem when someone is trying play unbalanced map just to get score.


2010-08-22 12:11

Sounds like a good idea. I personally dont know what games are unbalanced yet, and would like to know I was secure from entering in any of them unfairly. One could always play a unranked game if they wanted to try a certain starting position.


2010-08-23 06:36

This sounds like a good idea, however I like being able to pick my starting position on a multiplayer map. I will actually look at the map and open positions in the game before I decide to join. I guess if its random I would just have to take my chances with everyone else.

How would this affect team games when they are enabled? Which reminds me, when will team games be available?

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